Fictional character

Name: Charles Bismarck

Age: 38

Gender: Male

Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian/German descent

Profession: Debt Collector

Location: Rochester Central Bank & Trust

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics:
- Skilled persuader, charmer, and schemer.
- Can forge documents well (if needed), can blend into crowds.
- Confident, driven, cocky, egomaniacal, explosive, lawfully-grey.

Biography (ca. 1921): Brought up by a family entrenched in the banking business, and dogged by his domineering father and mother, Charles Bismarck left his hometown of Buffalo for Rochester soon after graduating college, with less-than-stellar marks. Due to that, he failed in his attempts to join Rochesterian banks as a loan officer or a banker. Up against the wall with family expectations, Bismarck found a job at the newly-founded Rochester Central Bank & Trust as a debt collector.

Never satisfied, his parents still press him when they see him, asking how he's done and what he's made of himself, further pushing Charles into a position where he feels the law is malleable to his ends. He isn't afraid to scour the underground for information to coerce his larger targets with, and often requires it, in order to rend the success he needs to keep himself afloat. As such, he is a fairly explosive character, one who is ultimately Napoleonic and self-devouring – he needs to keep expanding and doing ever-more to stay secure, but at some point his limits will catch up with him.