Perspective character

Name: Charlene "Charlie" Burns
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: White
Profession: Freelancer
Home Location: Tawny Hills Apartments
Memberships/Factions: Anti-steam, Anarchist, Criminal
Relationships: Elaine Ripley (friendly), Jack Ashton (friendly), Dino Nascoto (acquaintance), Brandon Westland (acquaintance), Malcolm "Mozzarelli" Falcone (dislike)
Disposition: Blunt, daring, stubborn, volatile
High concept: Crossdressing anti-steam rebel/criminal
Special skills/abilities: Deception (+3), Parkour (+2), Persuasive (+2), Awareness (+1), Hiding (+1), Running (+1)
Notable flaws/weaknesses: Short fuse, stubborn
Basic appearance description (daily, avg):
Peach colored skin, with tawny hair, brown eyes, and freckles on her face and arms. Has a slim stature, lanky with a flat chest. Dresses in men's clothing and prefers orange/brown tones. She has quite a few nicks and bruises from her weekly shenanigans on a given basis.
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
Create discomfort for steam users
Lessen support/create havoc for steam movement
Eradicate steam movement


Background (family, education, important life events)
Raised as the only child of Nora and Arthur Burns in the rural town of Marion, New York, Charlene grew up being accustom to a hardworking lifestyle. While her family's farm was small, she had to help out in anyway that she could. She primarily worked alongside her father, and grew accustom to doing labor often thought more suited for men. In this way, she also found it more easily to befriend boys instead of girls from a young age, and gained the nickname "Charlie".

When she turned 13, her mother left Charlene and her father to escape the rural life and travel to the city. Her father was heartbroken, Charlie became even less attached to other women after witnessing how depressed her father had become. He had no time to mourn her leave though, and devoted himself even more to his work, pushing Charlene to do the same. But this didn't last too long. After Charlene's 15th birthday, her father finally had to give up the farm.

Elaine Ripley, Charlene's cousin, contacted Charlene's father about moving to the city of Rochester to join the booming city's growth. Charlene's aunt still was on friendly terms with the two Burns, so he accepted without hesitation and they moved in to the small Tawny Hills Apartment Complex in Rochester. Her father began to work in the factories, building components for the fantastical machines the young girl admired on every street corner. Charlie joined him too, but for shortened hours.

Less than a year later, when Charlene was off work, her father suffered a fatal accident at the factory where he worked. Charlie was practically alone, if not for Elaine who moved in with Charlene shortly after the death. From then on, the machines Charlie saw when walking down the street were no longer fantastical or magical contraptions, but beasts born from death.

Current Biography (ca. 1921):
A hard working child grew into a cynical young adult. Charlie had traded jobs and had begun to freelance. While often working at the Public Market, Charlie preferred jobs which brought her into more destructive business ventures. Any job that would give some amount of revenge by destroying machines that in turn destroyed the lives of honest workers, was now seen as a fruitful venture. Things were good for Charlie, she had a supplier and informer, Brandon Westland and Dino Nascoto respectively; one of her most recent jobs was the bombing of a bar owned by Malcolm "Mozzereli" Falcone, and her dear cousin, Elaine, was polite enough to not ask what she did on a daily basis. Charlie now played day by day to cause a small handful of dents to the steam-system, and maybe a few blowouts here and there, hoping to cause enough damage one day to destroy the whole corrupt system or turn people against it.

After the events of the night of the 15th and 16th of April, 1921, Charlie began to slow down. After getting away scot free two nights in a row with the Regiblaster Factory bombing and surviving the horrible night of the attack on Dino's life, she began to realize her luck would run out at some point. Over the course of the next few years, Charlie would continue sporatic illegal activities. While she did not stop taking highly exciting opportunities, Charlie certainly picked them more carefully, making sure to plan out the details.

Her relationship with Dino strengthened due to the events of April 15th as well, and the two remained friends and close business partners. A year or two later, Charlie revealed her true identity and gender, Charlene, to Dino, only to find that the informant already suspected as much. Charlie lost connection with Tenerly entirely after the events, not to her dismay at all. Besides hearing about him in the news, he never tried to contact any of the members of the trio he once spearheaded. Though, Charlie never stopping looking over her shoulder. Charlie kept in contact with Brandon on occasion, getting his help with supplies or jobs every now and then. As for Elliot, Charlie never heard from him again, save for occasional rumors about a man running around in armor similar to Donovan's...

After Dino's death, Charlie officially settled down, eventually moving to a small town in central New York. Her quick temper was well known to the townsfolk, but her past was buried and forgotten, save for a rare letter or two from an old aquaintance.