Historical Character

Name: Carl F. Lomb

external image p48-Lomb.jpg
Age: 65

Gender: male

Race/Ethnicity: white/German

Profession: businessman

Location: Rochester Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute, The Lomb House

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics: Ambitious, educated, business-savvy, generous

Biography (ca. 1921):
Carl Ferdinand Lomb was born in Germany in 1854. Lomb emigrated from Germany to New York City in 1873 and moved to Rochester to work with his cousin, Henry Lomb, at Bausch & Lomb. He quickly established himself in the Rochester society by becoming a member of the Bausch & Lomb New York office staff in 1874. He eventually rose to the position of secretary of the company and later to vice president. He married his wife, Caroline Bausch Lomb, in 1879. Caroline Bausch was the eldest daughter of the president of Bausch & Lomb, JJ Bausch.
In 1882, Carl Lomb became secretary of Bausch & Lomb and in 1888 he became its head, taking charge of the company's affairs. He became a trustee in 1891.

Lomb was a businessman and a philanthropist. In addition to his affiliation with Bausch & Lomb, he was vice president of Yawman & Erbe Manufacturing Company and director of the Security Trust Company of Rochester and the Rochester Telephone Corporation.
Lomb also knew much about the Rochester Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute since his cousin, Henry Lomb, had been involved with the school for several years. Carl F. Lomb was interested in education and giving opportunities to students and his contributions to the school led to his election to the Board of Directors in 1910. Lomb became the Board's president in 1916 after George Eastman's resignation and he was also its chairman later on.

Lomb was also well known for generously donating and contributing to charities and worthy causes. He was extremely interested in civic affairs and good citizenship and was a prominent leader in the educational, civic, and business communities.