Fictional location

Name: Capital Apartments

Category: Apartment

Size: 8 floors, mix between 1 - 3 bedroom studios

Condition: average conditions but below middle class. most residence work in factories but still make enough to provide for their small families of three or four.

Inhabitants: Seth J Matus

Map Location: D2

Description (ca. 1921):

Capital Apartments are were built in 1900 so they are relatively old. When they were first constructed they were kept up pretty nicely but after the start of the great war many of the residence moved due to the lack of income they were receiving missing a prominent member of the family who could be working if they were home and not at war. The complex hasn't been filled since and as a direct result its maintenance level has dropped. It is now home to a few families who are lower to lower-middle class citizens. they scrape by with enough money for the essentials and have just enough extra to participate in something fun out of the house every month or so. The complex has a mix of 1 - 3 bedroom apartments with a small kitchen and living room and one bathroom.