Perspective characterButch.jpg

Name: Butch Mark Herald
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: White
Profession: Ex-marine in World War 1, Currently a police office, part time athlete
Home Location: Single apartment next to the gum
Memberships/Factions: Part of the police
Relationships: In a relationship with high school girlfriend. Born with 5 brothers and three sisters, two parents
Disposition: Energetic, Charming, Optimistic
High concept: Enjoy life with sports
Special skills/abilities: Athletic, extremely charming and can sweet talk most people.
Notable flaws/weaknesses: Stubborn, doesn't trust many people
Basic appearance description (daily, avg): Tall, Dirty blond crew cut, Usually wearing varsity jacket, brown eyes.
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
Find and stop bootleggers
-Investigate P.I.E.S
-Stop the mafia.
-Become Captain of the force.
-Marry sweetheart
-Have kids
-Retire from the force
-Settle down.
-Have grand kids


Background (family, education, important life events)
Butch was born into a lower/middle-lower class family. He had five brothers and three sister's ranging from four years younger than him to six years older than him. His father was a factory worker while his mother took a part time nursing job. He lost a younger sister when she was younger due to the poor health conditions. They speculated it had to do with an infection coming from a milk bottle. Butch also lost an older brother from a motor accident. It was unknown whether it was crime related or simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Butch was never into school and classes. He was always getting in trouble for goofing around in class or falling asleep. Even though he thought of school as a joke, he still managed to get high C's and low B's without putting in any work. What Butch was known for was his athletics. Getting experience and training from his older brothers, he was far above kids his own age. Sometimes he was on the same level or better as kids up to four years older than him. (This made him quite popular in school including with the girls.) He was a member of his high schools baseball, basketball, football, and wrestling team, and excelled in each one. However this took a toll on his body and his right knee became botched. This snatched away any dreams of playing sports professionally.

Butch also had a bunch of close friends, who weren't exactly scared of the law and weren't a great influence. Together they would get into small trouble such as drinking, taking joy-rides, and the occasional shoplifting. However thanks to Butch's charming personality and his quick, warm smile, he was able to talk them out of trouble.

After going to college for two years, Butch decided to enlist in the Marines as soon as the U.S. joined World War 1. He did minimal work as the unit deemed him unfit to serve because of his knee. He did not see much field action and was mostly a medic, using some minimal knowledge he had learned from his mother in order to seem useful. He came home a month before the war ended. Unfortunately he two brothers in that same war.

Coming back from the war, Butch did not have many options on what to do with his life. His options included going back to school to try and get an engineering degree, joining the factory with his father, join the Police in their new initiative to give veterans jobs, or join his past friends in the life of crime . Butch decided that school wasn't for him and the Police was a much better job than the factory and safer than the crime life. So after a few months of training, Butch was able to join the Police and start patrolling the streets.

Current Biography (ca. 1921):

Currently Butch is still with the Police. He is onto to some small leads with the bootleggers and the mafia, but it is still in the early stages and all just theories. Butch also has some dilemmas due to his past friend's names being brought up when crimes are mentioned. He is also having issues with his past friends recognizing him. They think he is a traitor for becoming a part of the Police and going against friends.

His charming and soothing voice make it easy for people to trust him.

To relieve the stress, Butch is a part of some local sports teams. He plays for the Balcos, a basketball team in Rochester. The biggest sports team , however, is the Rochester Jeffersons, who are playing in the AFPA. However throughout the entire season there has only been one win so far and the future doesn't look too bright for this team.

Butch is also currently courting his high school sweetheart. He is the last unmarried person in his family. However besides the past deaths of his siblings, everyone else in the family is doing fine and are healthy.