Fictional Item

Name: Broker WatchPocketWatch.jpg

Category: Accessory, Society Marking

Size/weight: Light

Rarity: Select members

Value: $110

Uses: Keep track of time. Show affiliation.

Description (ca. 1921): Any good informant / journalist needs a way to mark down any and everything he/she witnesses or hears. These pocket watches, with the an unfinished infinity symbol engraved, were the tell tale sign that one was involved with the Brokers. The symbol inside represents the guilds constant search for "wealth", or the information they have on various happenings throughout the city. All clients of them find out through one means or another the symbol to look for. Whether they choose to pursue it or not is out the door the second they know however, as they wont reveal themselves if they don't already have something on you; knowing the symbol hidden in their watches are a pact you can't back out of.