Perspective character

Name: Brit Bardner
Age: 45
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian

Profession: Criminal Kingpin
Home Location: The Bardner Estate
Memberships/Factions: Brit's Crew
Relationships: Strongly connected to mother Booth Bardner.

Disposition: Kind
High concept:
Special skills/abilities: Very Strong, Surprisingly Fast
Notable flaws/weaknesses: Overly cares for children
Memberships/Factions/Affiliations: none
Basic appearance description (daily): Bald, Tall, Burly, wears black suit, with black shirt and different colors of ties.
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation


Brit grew up in a rough neighborhood. Abandoned by his father in his early life living alone with his mother with no siblings, so Brit was bullied by the local kids day after day. With his mother ill at home all Brit could do was steal to support himself and his mother. Brit was slow as a kid so often he was caught while stealing. As Brit grew older he grew stronger, and before he knew it he could beat down the other bullies, but Brit would not. Brit felt it was too harsh to beat on others. Brit felt that it was better to keep peace to get what he wants. So Brit would show his strength to keep the peace. With his strength he was able to get a job and support his mother. Brit wasn't the most social person. He once met a girl who would come into his place of work. He quickly grew a crush for the girl. Only once was he able to speak to her, he received a kiss from their short conversation. Brit never saw that girl again, and since then Brit has not been able to have a social interaction with a girl that wasn't business.

Current Biography (ca. 1921):
Brit now has done a lot with his life. Through his brute strength he gathered people to form a crew. He created Brit's Crew, a group of criminals to uphold the peace in neighborhoods like the one Brit grew up in. Although his members may not be the most aligned with Brit's morals they do in fact follow him. Through this Brit has been able to keep peace in areas and yet make a fortune while doing so. Some pay him purely out of kindness of their hearts as they would be the victims of those he protects them from. He also gets money from those who try to hurt those he protects, simply by mugging them. Other than run his own business he tries to enjoy himself in his spare time. Checking in on his mother every now and then in his own private estate where he keeps her. Of course he keeps her fully staffed as to keep her safe and kept has her illness only grows worse day by day. Brit also likes to take his time in nature, viewing sites of pure natural. He feels even after the great advances of steam that nature is still a great site on its own. This of course has made him a naturally odd person amongst the people he comes in contact with.