Image of Bishop
Image of Bishop

Fictional Item

Name: Bishop
Category: Animal
Size/weight: Large / 600lbs
Rarity: Unique
Value: Priceless
Uses: Decorative / Boasting

Description (ca. 1921)

Bishop is Archibald Regiblaster’s pet tiger that he purchased soon after starting his prosthetics factory. As he experimented with advancement of prosthetics, he needed a subject to test his creations on. He usually prototyped his findings on Horus, but as he grew more ambitious, he wanted to test his prosthetics on a living being. Soon after he purchased Bishop, he began augmenting it with steam-powered prosthetics. Now Bishop is 600lbs of half tiger, half machinery and Archibald’s most prized possession. He sees to it that he flaunts him whenever guests are over.

After the modifications were applied, Bishop became a perfect subservient pet. He now listens to Archibald’s every command and is often used by his master to intimidate those who attempt to undermine him.

Image Credit: The Cyber Tiger