Fictional Item

Name: Bedora

Category: [tool/book/utensil/etc.] Tool

Size/weight: 100 Grams, head wear

Rarity: Extremely Rare, Possibly only one

Value: Invaluable

Uses: Multipurpose tool, surveillance, increased though processing, increasing users health.

Description (ca. 1921):
Bibson's hat, the Bedora, has been atop his head since the death of his wife in 1919. The "hat" has been seen to "make clicking noises" and "rustle as if something is living in it" while on Bibson's head. Although the origins of this hat are unknown, it most likely came from the work done inside Bibson's personal lab at RAMI and could have been funded in part by George Eastman. No other hats like it have been seen to date.