Fictional location

Name: Becker Estate

Category: Single family home

Size: Four bedroom

Condition: Brand new

Inhabitants: Wilhelm Becker, Katja Becker

Map Location: E5, Pittsford

Description (ca. 1921):
The Becker Estate is a large, single family dwelling of the Becker family, owned by Wilhelm Becker. The Beckers wished to be away from the bustle and smog of city life and instead chose to live out in the country, in a home set back from the main road amid a copse of maple trees that provide shade in the summer and blaze red in the autumn. Much of the interior is crowded with books of all manner and there are several cozy corners that beckon visitors to linger awhile longer.

Despite the strength of the prohibition movement, the Becker household is well-stocked with high quality liquors and vintage wines, though the family is discrete and discerning when it comes to sharing it with guests. Students who make the long trek out to Becker Estate can expect long philosophical conversations while walking the grounds accompanied by two boisterous German Shepherds, Frigg and Freya. Plied with good food and strong drink, most students welcome the invitation to stay overnight in the guest room.