bausch and lomb microscope paint.pngHistorical Item

Bausch & Lomb Binocular Corneal Microscope, previously known as Jameson Binocular Corneal Microscope

Category: scientific tool

Size/weight: 2 ft wide, about 4 ft tall /fairly heavy, probably takes 2 people to carry it

Rarity: Very rare

Value: Expensive

Uses: to examine the eye in detail

Description (ca. 1921):

This microscope was created by Harvey Jameson and sold to Bausch & Lomb. The microscope is not yet being sold to the public, but Harvey Jameson still has his prototype. The microscope can vary from 5x to 95x in magnification. It is set on a heavy base so that it does not shift around. There is an adjustible mount for the person being examined to set their chin. This puts their eyes directly infront of the microscope for examination. There are also knobs for adjusting the height of the microscope, and knobs to adjust the magnification. It is powerful enough to see defects of the eye as well as the structure of the eye. It will be a great tool for Optometry.