Historical Location

Name: Baker Field

Category: Aviation Field


Condition: Poor. The area was very prone to flooding, so it was unsuitable as a long-term airfield.

Inhabitants: The Baker Family.

Map Location: South Western most region of the map. West of the intersection of Scottsville Road and Westfield Avenue, but still slightly East of Britton Field.

Description (ca. 1921):
Baker Field had several phases in its history. It began as Baker Farm, which was located just south of the original Genesee Valley Park. In 1914, the golf course in Genesee Valley Park expanded to include parts of the farm. During World War I, the role of the farm dramatically changed. It was taken by the military, transformed into an airfield, and renamed Baker Field. The recently developing United States School of Aerial Photography, created by Kodak Park, associated itself with Baker Field. In 1918, military use of the field ceased. Due to poor flooding conditions, the field only remained in use for a couple of years.