Historical Item

Name: Automobile

Category: [Tool]

Size/weight: Around 1200 pounds

Rarity: Starting to get more common

Value: Some range from 750-1200

Uses: To get from one place to another in a short period of time.

Description (ca. 1921): Automobiles were starting to get more common and start replacing horses for their uses at this time. Autos had white wood and ash with iron braces and covered in aluminum for the main components. Hoods and fenders were made from steel. The exterior was painted with priming, 2 coats of lead, 5 coats of "rough" paint and followed by two color paints. Then the cars were varnished at least three times and finally the auto was enameled. Autos were staring to get popular and this led to the detail and care that was put into these cars.