swarming_robot.pngFictional Item

Name: AutoSwarm Automaton

Category: Tool

Size/weight: 2 pounds each, fits within a roughly 4x4inch box

Rarity: Uncommon

Value: $8 in scrap metal, $260 if sold while functional

Uses: Maps areas through combined scouring effort.

Description (ca. 1921):

Invented by Brandon Westland for the inaugural I.A.G. fair, the AutoSwarm automatons were designed with the expectation that they could map the entirety of the city's landscape in three-dimensional space by use of their ability to communicate with one another and populate a shared map. However, on their debut, due to the nature of the temporary structure of the fairgrounds, the automatons bulldozed through tents, thin wooden stands, and canvases destroying the entire event, garnering Westland his now longstanding hatred by the I.A.G., and getting themselves lost in the process. They now wander the city freely, still linked and communicating with one another and populating the map they were originally designed for. However, often times with construction sites and other hazards always making themselves known many are often found broken or irreparable and are sold for scrap metal due to the amount of pure copper used to construct them. However, those found operable and caught are highly valued through the city, especially in the criminal underworld. A single automaton gives access to a growing map of the city and its many paths, both public, private, and secret, however by extracting the data the automaton ceases to function and the recipient is only given the most recent snapshot of the map. As of now, it is estimated by Westland that of the roughly 3,000 automatons released that day, only about 2600 have been turned in for scrap metal.