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Fictional character

Name: Arthur "Ace" Bell

Age: 28

Gender: Male

Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian

Profession: Full Time Broker (Higher member)

Home address: Unknown
Work address : Akashic Library

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics:
Persuasive, Extremist, Confident, Perceptive, Leadership, Fighter.

Bell is a 5'11 man with well short well kept blonde hair and blue eyes. He is never seen without a tailored suit and a snakes smile across his face.

Biography (ca. 1921):

Born to a loving upper middle class family, Arthur grew up comfortably in the city of Rochester. His father was a manager for Kodak and this lead to the family being fairly well off. At 10 years old Arthur was given his first Camera from a friend of his father's, for his birthday. With it he aspired for most of his teenage years to become a photographer and became fairly well known amongst his new found aristocrat friends, who saw him like a poor little brother in comparison. However at 18 he disappeared one day on his way home from a get together.

Two years later he resurfaced, to his family's great but welcomed surprise. Not knowing where he was many asked but he simply told them he went on a little trip to learn about the real world. It is around this time that Arthur became involved with the founding members of the brokers. He was a talent, equal to theirs, in gathering information, if not better. His confident demeanor and connections were only added strengths to his great drive to uncover and reveal the secrets hidden around him. It is said that he may even have taken control from the founders over the years as most new brokers take to following his lead and word on charging ahead and doing anything it takes to find the next page to add to the library (his) books. His standing had lead to most others referring to him simply as Ace or occasionally King Arthur.

Aside from his charismatic Nature, Arthur claims his greatest strength is in his enlightenment that none of the other brokers share with him. As he claims to have met the Prophet in person in his time away; which may have been the cause for his prolonged disappearance and radical shift in lifestyle.

"You all can keep playing your games as would be information brokers, only in it for the power and money it gets you. But those of you who wish to be kings and scholars you better keep your eyes on me, its as close to enlightenment as you're gonna get" - Arthur Bell