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Name : Arlington Beech
Age : 37
Gender : Male
Ethnicity : White (English and Scottish Ancestry)
Profession : American Intelligence Officer
Location: An undisclosed safe house and Fleming's
Membership / Factions : Brokers (deep undercover)
Disposition : Very charming and intelligent
Special Skills : Speaks 5 languages fluently , CQC Training, Advanced Fire Arms Training, Mechanic Arm.
Notable Flaws : Let's his pride get in the way
Characteristics : Handsome, Cold, and Calculating
Physical Attributes : Brown hair, Blue eyes, 6ft, 195lbs - Scar on right cheek, Mechanic Left Arm

Motivations : To serve his country as efficiently as possible
Short Term Motivation
Medium Term Motivation
Long Term Motivation
Complete his mission
Serve his country
Die well


While born on the coast of Oregon, Arlington Beech was raised on a small farm on the California country side. Orphaned at 11 when his parents died in a skiing accident in the French Alps. He went to live with his aunt in a small town in Canterbury in England, where his father was from. He joined the Naval Intelligence Division shortly after dropping out of the University of California, Berkeley.

He quickly rose to the ranks of principal officer. His colleagues have referred to Beech as a charming yet cold brutally efficient officer. He is a skillful poker player and is reported to be the best player in the service, he is also a world class Go player.

Beech has had a tragic love life as reported in his somewhat redacted field reports. On his first assignment, his romantic partner, died by drowning while trapped in a collapsing building in Italy. His wife, Teresa, was murdered in a drive by shooting on the day of their wedding.

After that, Beech, began heavily drinking and while on a mission investigating potential corruption in the S.R.E, he fell into their machinery and his left arm was torn apart. Luckily, they were able to give him a new mechanical arm, much stronger than his previous one and fully equipped with a semi automatic pistol.