Inside of Archibald's Prosthetics
Inside of Archibald's Prosthetics

Fictional location

Name: Archibald's Prosthetics
Category: Factory
Size: Large
Condition: Relatively New
Inhabitants: Emily Ballard, Joseph King, Nora Marshall, other workers
Map Location: C1

Description (ca. 1921)

Archibald’s Prosthetics is a relatively new factory, established around the time Archibald turned 28, but has already become the leading producer of parts for steam prosthetics. The rumor behind its founding is that Archibald uses the factory to research and develop new parts so he can use them in an attempt stabilize his brother’s condition. Regardless if that is true or not, Archibald’s Prosthetics produces the most quantities of prosthetic pieces in Rochester. It’s products are distributed to a large amount of stores in Rochester and have been sought out by stores in surrounding cities such as Buffalo and Syracuse.

The factory itself is a rather large one. Inside is filled with forges and grinding machinery. Workers are exposed to intense heats and long hours. Archibald works them hard, but he always says they are working towards something they can all be proud of. His workers are paid just enough to survive and keep them in working condition. Deaths have been reported from worker exhaustion or falling into machinery, but when one worker dies two more seem to pop up in their place. There have been occasional revolts, but Archibald is always quick to silence any insubordination.

Image Credit: 6-4-14_Shackles_Castle Factory by BlakeZ