Portrait of Ambrosia
Portrait of Ambrosia

Fictional character

Name: Ambrosia Regiblaster
Age: 40
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Profession: Factory Owner
Location: Regiblaster Estate
Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics:

Biography (ca. 1921)

Ambrosia is the older sister of Archibald. Ever since a young age she has shown signs of having a brilliant mind. She was able to grasp abstract concepts Horus taught her faster than her two younger brothers. Her parents caught on quickly to her intellect and began getting her private tutelage when she was in her teens. Being a female, she was also taught the arts of home ec, but she was never enthralled by it regardless of good she was.

As she grew older, she was expected by the aristocratic lifestyle to find a suitable husband and start a family. However with her disinterest in a life of a housewife, she never pursued a marriage and remains single today, but she doesn’t seem to mind. When she and her brother came of age, they took over running the Regiblaster Clothing Works and with her intellect and Archibald’s creativity, their factory saw a new level of success. She enjoys the stress management brings and is always looking for ways to improve her factory’s efficiency.

Those who know her often remark on her seemingly permanent blase expression, yet pleasant aura. She rarely expresses her emotions even when in the company of family. The only time others witnessed her crying is when her youngest brother, Gregory, fell into a coma after a violent car crash. Afterwards, she helped Archibald open his prosthetic factory and allowed him to run that factory while she primarily managed the clothing factory.

Image Credit: Victorian by Elisanth