PC name: David Tennantworkshop.gif

Location: David Tennant's Workshop

Date and time: Mid-January 1921

I was another cold Rochester day in my workshop when Theodore Meyer arrived accompanied by Joseph King. They walked in and the wooden floors did not creek. My reasonable well-lit shop felt brighter with company. The coal burning heater was function at a medium level as the hottest temperature would be a luxury in this weather.

I had been working on what I promised them in our agreement and still had to fulfill my end of the deal with George MacAuley. Unfortunately, the odds were no longer in my favor as a crucial component of my sleeve gun was inaccessible in the next few days through my normal Rochester channels. Money was also running thin as these deals set me back more than a shiny penny.

I attempted to contact Mr. Meyer for some time to confirm what he expected of me and exactly how many lock he wanted. I had only made a few, but the explosives detector provided to be quite difficult. That I let Mr. King nudge me into was foolish on my part.

As they entered, I felt the resounding joy of relief pass through my body. But this relief was short lived. Mr. Meyer explained to me that Archibald Regiblaster was not impressed with the locks, meaning I had to scrap that, which in turn would save me sometime. I told him that would be fine, but I would still need funds, payment upfront. The explosives detector was far from completed and George MacAuley’s weapon was in worse shape than when I started, though I didn’t tell Meyer of my other affairs.

He proposed a reasonable 25% of the payment for the detector upfront, which amounted to $250. This seemed fair, but I also had to eat, and had a family to feed. I walked around the work table I was at, and leaned on it to focus my attention on how they could help me.

I countered by requesting 30%. Looking back, I feared Meyer would cancel the deal due to my will to make such an offer. He respectfully counter offered 28% which I accepted. We shook hands, and he left.
Mr. King lingered for some time making small talk while I casual went back to work. He looked around the shop and some of the inventions I made, most likely clueless as to what they did. I suspected he had something to tell me that Theodore shouldn’t hear; they didn’t seem like the friendliest pair when I met them. What was he up to?

I did inform him that our deal for me to throw some money his way for each lock that I sold Meyer was cancelled and he understood.

He finally came clean and told me that the bomb detector didn’t need to work. I paused, put down my tools, walked back around the work bench as to be closer to hear what ludicrous thing he would convince me of now. I leaned on the table put my hands in my pockets and told him I was listening. If he could give me a good reason for this statement, my life was about to become easier.

King explained Regiblaster was paranoid post-explosion and they was a precaution. This sounded like more reason to make this device work. King went on to say how they need something that goes ding when explosives are near it. From what I have detect the detector can pick up large amounts of explosives at a short range. King said that it was prefect for what was needed. An expensive gimmick it seemed like.

King also noted that I should build bomb to prove that it works. While I had some of this explosive known as Morrigan’s Grunge, getting more of it was not a priority I planned on. I asked King to get more for me if he wanted this bomb proving the detector would work not thinking if the consequences. I figured four kilos should do it. I did it again. Metrics system. Never going to get over that. I corrected myself to King and guessed 10 American pounds should do it.

I referred King to a chap I met sometime back by the name of Brandon Westland. I didn’t know him too well, but he was the source. King left in anticipation of the completion of this project and I returned to work.

Looking back, I may have a skewed moral compass on occasion, but preventing a bombing seemed like a good plan in the long run. Some modification to the detector wouldn’t hurt.

I still had the matter of MacAuley’s deal to work through. I planned to put in an order for sleeve gun parts, give him whatever sleeve guns I had on hand, and focus on this “super weapon” I guess I call it. Rubbish name. In any case, its completion could take days or the pressure could make it months.

Here I am, sitting in my shop at the end of the day relieved but pressured. If George walked through my door, my end of our deal would be compromised lord knows this will catch up to me somehow. I just hope there is some mercy when it does.