PC name: Malcolm Falcone

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Location: Cockaigne

Date and time: April 4th, 4PM

“So this is the Cockaigne...seems a bit too fancy for my tastes.” Malcolm muttered as he walked around the grand ballroom. “Only the elite huh, well Father you sure have different tastes than I for a meeting location...Though I know I won’t let you down. I have the upperhand and better business sense in this case.” Malcolm stalked around the room examining all exits and entrances, planning for in case this meeting turns into a mess. Just like the last one he had with George, this time he’ll be in control. The smell of cigars started to make Malcolm cough and wave fresher air into his face. “Well time to take my seat and prepare for George, maybe he learned his lesson and is willing to do real business.” He smirked knowing the outcome last time. “I’ll ask for blood since that is personal and business...Yea...If he is a good sport I’ll help him out.”

The live jazz band has pick up its tempo and started to drown out the rest of the crowd, perfect for shady dealings. Making his way to a grand table hidden in alcove of the room Malcolm took his seat at the head. Moments later he saw the drunk. “Wow he actually seems sober...only took two bullets.” He shook his head in disappointment. He watched George approach him with his new brute. “Hello George and Tabitha, Welcome to the Cokaigne! Now then shall we discuss business?”

George’s face showed his disbelief. “Where is Emilio, I have a meeting with him.” Malcolm motioned for him to sit. “My father is in the hospital remember? I’m here in his stead to make peace, as I said before blood is bad for business. Now you willing to listen and make a deal?” George and Tabitha took their respective spots, Malcolm being vigilant making sure George does not go into a drunken rage again. “First thing’s first, We still got a blood debt that needs to be paid. You guys killed Luigi. I get it that’s business but that is still a debt. Who’s going to pay.”

George quickly squealed. “Jacob killed him, blew him up in fact.” George moved a bit to adjust himself. “I’m not sure...but I can’t disprove you right now...Now then that’s settled. How would you like to work together to take over the city? With all the cops around we both are gonna need it.” George seemed to think for a moment. Malcolm watched Tabitha for a moment, silent as ever still glaring at him.

“Sure you got yourself a deal.” Malcolm extend a hand to greet his and shook it firmly. The deal was done.

“Now then, as a sign of good faith I have something personal to discuss with you. If you would mind I’d like us to speak alone.” He turned to watch Tabitha, still glaring at him.

“It’s alright Tabitha, go get yourself a drink or something. I can handle this.” George motioned for his guard to leave. Once the oaf was gone Malcolm spoke is a whisper. “Remember when I said you had rats? Well you still do, and this rat has blue blood him. You got a cop George.” George’s face redden to a ripe tomato. “It’s a large brute of a man, got any ideas? I’m sure you do, a reliable third source told me this. Figure you’d want to know this. Now then I should attend to my next meeting.”

Jacob approached the table slowly and his eyes widened when he saw them together. “Ah, hello Jacob. Glad to hear you could make it. So I heard from George you killed Luigi. Is this true?” Jacob scrambled a bit opening his mouth. “You known me for a while do you really think I’m capable of murder.” Malcolm sighed, not getting the answer he was seeking.

“Look I don’t care, I’m here on business. How would you like to do some work for me. Completely legal work.” Jacob’s eyes dart side to side.

“You sure you don’t want me to do some bootlegging for ya, I got a big shipment coming in.” George barged into the conversation. “I got a shipment myself coming in, quite a large one. Coming from the North” He smirked in a boastful way.

“This doesn't’ feel right, no way all three of us are moving a shipment that large from Canada...Jacob betrayed me already...and George has a cop in his group...this seems like a trap...I better act to George’s money needs fast…” Malcolm thought as he reacted. “I’m sure...Look if you want it tell Fredo you are there for the shipment. It’ll be by your usual pickup spots on Wednesday, drop it off at the normal market and make sure I get my pay then we’ll be good.” Jacob nodded and started squirm backwards. “George I got something to talk to you about.”

“Alright Malcolm, let me ask Jacob something real quick. Hey have you seen Elliot? I got to ask him something.” Jacob took a deep gulp, “I haven’t seen him in a...a few days.”

“It’ll be easier if you tell the truth.” Malcolm responded seeing through the snake’s guise. George glared at the liar. “I better go!” Jacob darted out hastily.

“George, we got more business to discuss. There is no way three big shipments coming in from Canada, It doesn’t make sense...especially with your cop and Jacob lying...Look I know we got to make money...but blood is bad for business. I got a very well paying gig, I’ll give your boys $1,000 dollars a week till things cool down and we deal with the snakes. That way we are in the clear. No rash actions, we both know what happened last time.” Malcolm rose from the table as a emperor. “Don’t betray my trust as well. We may be allies but there are still tension. Be careful until things clear and we may have more...business to talk about.” Malcolm grinned knowing he may of secured his families empire.

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