Fictional character

Name: Alicia Kemgal

Age: 31

Gender: Female

Race/Ethnicity: European Caucasian

Profession: Business Owner

Location: The NightOwl

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics:

Alicia Kemgal

Born to the noble European family in 1890, Alicia always had a fondness for entrepreneurial ventures. Her parents, however, disapproved of the interest, and encouraged her to follow more womanly pursuits. At the age of 16 she immigrated to America with a quarter of her family’s money with the interest in opening a small business in the city of New York. After meeting countless months of abuse at the attempt to open a convenience store as a woman , she moved to the smaller city of Rochester, hoping the less dense location would allow her to slip through the cracks. In 1910, she succeeded in funding a failing bar, renaming it The NightOwl, and managing it from the background.

The NightOwl

After multiple failures obtaining a business licence in Rochester, Alicia chanced into a relationship with Kent Durmire, owner of a failing bar. She offered funding in exchange for secret ownership, allowing him to maintain a public figure as the bar’s owner, but requiring him to forfeit all management rights. Within the first year, the extra money turned the business around, and established it as a popular destination for upper class patrons.