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Name: Albert Schmidt
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Race/Ethnicity: White/ German
Profession: Kodak Factory Worker
Home Location: Near Kodak Park, to the west of A1
Relationships: Uncle Johann
Disposition: Shy but knowledgeable
High concept: Seeking higher education
Special skills/abilities: Quick thinking, good dexterity
Notable flaws/weaknesses: Cowardly, insecure, fear of large storms
Memberships/Factions/Affiliations: Factory workers,The Falcone Family
Basic appearance description (daily, avg): 5'8", clean shaven, wears denim overalls and leather boots
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
Survive work unscathed
Save enough money to finance an education
Move to New York City as a wealthy man


Current Biography (ca. 1921):
Albert Schmidt was born in Stendal, Germany to Franz and Elise Schmidt. Franz and Elise were poor farmers who worked very hard to put food on the table for their five children(from oldest to youngest), Leon, Andreas, Albert, Elena and Gertrud. Being the middle son, Albert was put to work from a young age. From his father he learned a lot about farming and how to grow various plants but was not content living life on the farm. When he was 12 years old, Elena was struck by lightning and died, resulting in Albert's fear of storms. At the age of 20, Albert left his family and moved to Rochester with his uncle Johann. During the Great War, people were rude to him, due to his nationality. About a year ago Albert met a RAMI student and became interested in higher education, but does not have enough money to finance his education. Currently he is searching for a way to get money. This goal leads him into high-risk, illegal activities. Throughout the story, he becomes increasingly involved with The Falcone Family and bootlegging alcohol into speakeasies. One night, while a normal shipment to the The Schleyer Hotel is taking place, the Vice department and shoots Albert in the hand, rendering him unable to perform his factory job. He is promptly fired after breaking a factory machine while trying to work with his injured hand. Without an official job, Albert must withdraw some of his dearly held savings in order to survive. After moving out of the house he rented with some fellow factory workers, he begins living on the streets and begging while his hand heals. He is becoming increasingly angry with the Falcone's every passing day, as his bank account slowly drains.