Fictional location

Name: Akashic Library

Category: Meeting groundexternal image vatican-library_1646255c.jpg

Size: Varying depending on the length of use

Condition: Thrown together as it's constantly relocated

Inhabitants: Broker Members during meetings

Map Location: D2

Description (ca. 1921):
"The culmination of all of the worlds knowledge, past, present and future. We are those records as we worship the past, gaze on the present, and perceive the future. Does the name of this place not make that all seem real Dino?" - Arthur Bell to Dino.

The theory of the Akashic Records had always greatly interested the Brokers. The idea that their existed a grand culmination of human thoughts, emotions and events that existed on a plane out of their reach. Though knowing it was just a pipe dream, they still worked on the premise of building their own great Library of knowledge, with they themselves as the books that make up its walls. That way no matter wherever they may go the library remains. This is what makes the Library a moving location throughout Rochester, the only thing the Brokers need to form it are for the group, in any size, to come together to share their pages. Currently the Library is based in an alley near the Genese River.