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Perspective character

Name: Aileen Brennan
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race/Ethnicity: Caucasian, Irish
Profession: Factory worker, Clerk at Gleason Works, soon to be student at RAMI
Home Location: Apartment in Downtown Rochester
Memberships/Factions: Labor Unions, RAMI
Relationships: Rory Brennan (brother), Patrick and Teresa Brennan (aunt and uncle), Kathleen Brown (cousin)
Disposition: tense and anxious, yet optimistic
High concept: creating new devices
Special skills/abilities: building, learning, adaptability, hard working
Notable flaws/weaknesses: frequent mood swings, aloof, gruff
Basic appearance description (daily, avg): 5'6" tall, short reddish-brown hair, brown eyes, boyish, well-kept
Motivations: to create new things as well as chaos in order to change society
Short-term motivation
Medium-term motivation
Long-term motivation
  • earn enough money to enroll at RAMI
  • enroll at RAMI for mechanical engineering
  • continue breaking typical female stereotypes
  • earn degree from RAMI
  • have a good job
  • be famous for her inventions
  • gender equality


Aileen Brennan was born in Ireland in 1902 to parents Michael and Enya Brennan. Michael was a successful metal worker who also enjoyed tinkering with steam. Her mother inherited family riches, so the family led a well-off life. Aileen has two siblings, Rory (age 11), and Caitlyn (age 5). She received her schooling from a tutor that came to the estate. Since she had school in her own home, she had few friends. Because her mother was from a wealthy family, Aileen was taught to be a housewife from early on along with her sister. However, she found herself more interested in her father's job. She did not want to be a homemaker; she wanted to create new things. Her father realized this, and when he had time he would let her help with his inventions. Enya also tried to set her up with potential husbands. She became closer to her father as he taught her more about the mechanical world. Unfortunately after a brief battle of cancer, he died in 1914. This destroyed Aileen. She felt hopeless until Patrick and Teresa Brennan, her aunt and uncle, suggested that she and Rory come with them to America, where they would live in Rochester, New York. She also had a cousin, Kathleen, who was about her age and living in Rochester.

Her aunt and uncle were part of the lower middle class, so it took awhile for them to get extra money for Aileen and her brother to come with them. Her mother was not fond of the move. When they arrived in Rochester in 1917, they moved into a small apartment in the downtown area. Aileen quickly found a job in the clothing factory L. Adler Brothers and Company. During her time there, she also secretly wished she could go to school to study engineering or at least work in a factory that machined parts instead of sewing clothes. She also quickly bonded with Kathleen, because she also shared this dream. When Kathleen turned 16 she also began working in the same factory. A year after working in the factory, Aileen burned her arm badly while cooking at home. Aileen lost the job because they did not want to employ an injured worker because she was not fast enough. Luckily, she was able to find a job as a store clerk at Neisner's Five and Dime Store. She was not working as often, so she began to tinker with metal working and steam, following in her father's footsteps. While she was searching for metal scraps near Gleason Works, she met who would become her mentor, Catie Gleason. Catie was able to offer Aileen a job as a clerk at Gleason Works, where she could be close to the thing she loved, engineering. Aileen also kept her job at the store so she could earn as much money possible to help her family and save for school. Gleason agreed that she would help Aileen learn more about engineering, and when she had enough money she would help her enroll at RAMI.

Current Biography (ca. 1921):
Aileen is continuing her job at the Gleason Works. In 1919 she quit her job at Neisner's so she could work more at Gleason Works. Part of her job now includes helping Catie Gleason on her project, the Concrest Development. She has been tinkering with her own inventions as well. She is most proud of her pocket watch that houses a radio inside it. She hopes to create more and sell them to help pay for her schooling. Soon she will be able enroll at RAMI. Gleason has ensured that she will be able to attend for mechanical engineering and not for the typical female degrees. She is working on saving up enough money to enroll, and should have enough to do so next year.