Rochester, New York from 10,000 feet (1921)
Rochester, New York from 10,000 feet (1921)

Historical Item

Name: Aerial Map of Rochester

Category: Map, photograph

Size/weight: Four square feet

Rarity: There is only one copy of the aerial map but it was photographed and reprinted many times

Value: There was no monetary value on the photograph as it was accessible to the public

Uses: A map of Rochester

Description (ca. 1921):
This map was made using over 80 film negatives taken during a single flight over Rochester by two members of the U.S. Army Air Service. More than 250lbs of equipment were attached to the plane in order to take the photographs. The images were put together to create a four foot by four foot image of Rochester as it was seen from the air, which was incredible to look at and very useful. This map is one of the first over its kind.