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Fictional character

Name: Adam Hausler

Age: 48

Gender: Male

Race/Ethnicity: White (German ancestry)

Profession: Landlord for the Ulysses Apartment Complex

Location: Ulysses Apartments, various speakeasies

Personal Traits. Skills, Abilities and Characteristics: Cold, distant, reclusive, cynical, crude, gruff, likes to drink, loner, piercing blue eyes, constant dark circles underneath his eyes, has a permanent limp from getting shot in his left leg, likes children, connections with both the police and bootleggers

Biography (ca. 1921):
Not much is known about Adam Hausler's life before he became landlord of the Ulysses Apartments. Because he keeps to himself and spurns questions of his past, details on his childhood are scarce. He spent most of his life in Germany, immigrating to the United States a year before the Great War. Hausler refuses to say why he left, though he will often mention Germany with a sense of nostalgic longing. As a result, there are rumors that he didn't leave by choice, though Hausler has never implied this was the case.

Hausler soon moved to Rochester, New York, where he became involved in bootlegging. He spent a couple years in that business before an officer shot him in the leg, giving him a permanent limp. Since then, Hausler has opted out of the business and became the landlord of the Ulysses Apartment Complex, buying up the place after the previous landlord passed away.

Most nights, Hausler can be found in a speakeasy, drinking himself to death with his old bootlegging buddies or alone in some corner. It's rumored he has some connections in the police department, which Hausler kept from his bootlegging days. He threatens to call in these "connections" whenever a tenant doesn't pay rent, but more often than not will try to negotiate alternate forms of payment, such as free labor, goods, and services. Fortunately, Adam will often forget to even ask for rent, since he's too busy trying to drown out some nagging memory on the other side of town.

His gruff demeanor and off-color comments alienate him from most people, but he has a soft spot for children. He's very friendly with kids, sometimes even giving them sweets or engaging them in conversation. For anyone else, Hausler is distant, loathing the company of people. But since he's generally harmless, most people tolerate his presence.