PC name: Dino NascotograveyardBench.jpg

Location: Mount Hope Cemetery

Date and time: April 4th, 1921


Downcast eyes, his mind was elsewhere. Small hands danced, with a device in each, with fine precision from constant practice. He had long since forgotten his immediate surroundings, as now he watched the world closely from every angle. The people buzzed through his web, not realizing they had been caught by a would be prey, watching carefully for its predator. The smell of the cigarettes from the passing gentleman lingered in his nose. Yet his memory of the graveyard from weeks before, left the terribly sweet smell of the gas rising to grip his lungs. He shivered at the thought, caressing the smooth metallic devices as he gripped his arms. Yet his shaking was now dull, his eyes empty and not darting to the drop of a pin. He only look up briefly as he wondered, “Will I be buried here soon too?”

“..ino.”, a firm voice’s command rang late into his ears. He jumped slightly, shuffling across the bench to view this figure who snuck through his web. Their eyes stern but their face soft, the slender figure in Dino’s eyes was something he had become accustomed to seeing as of late. “O-oh god, you scared me Charlie”. His friend stared with questionable eyes, as though they had seen something unbelievable.

“What’s going on Dino?”, he motioned forward quickly, yet Dino remained still. The air around them was tense as Dino paused, fidgeting with the devices in his hand. His mouth opened, but only air would pass through, ‘How can I tell him...’.
“Have you interacted with Tenerly recently?” He prodded his friend, who reared back, wiping his eyes in confusion.

“Not directly. A few very brief talks but that’s it.” He claimed as he leaned in to look his friend in the eyes. Dino fell silent again, his hands frozen in motion.

His smile was small as he looked towards his friend, with harsh bags underneath his eyes. He let out a sigh, much larger than his small build should allow, lowering his face to his hands, “That’s not good...”


‘I guess there’s no getting around this, Charlie should know at least.’. His smile cold once again, he looked his friend in his large eyes, struggling to let even the slightest sound out. With a deep breath he let the words finally escape his mouth, possibly the last he would get to say. “This may be our last meeting.”

Charlie flew from his seat next to Dino and yelled with an animal like scowl across his face, “WHAT!”. He shook with rage as he stood above the cornered rat, yet Dino had not flinched. He wasn’t able to anymore. He laid his device on the park bench and reached into his coat pocket, pulling out an old book and a note which had been recently crumpled.

“Read the note and hold onto this book please.”, he handed the items to his dear friend. ‘He’ll be safe if he has that. They’ll at least trade for it’, He smirked and began fidgeting once again with his devices.

A long silence fell between them, Charlie’s face, always filled with a level of confidence, was now white as though the snow had painted him over. His hands dropped, and he could only stare down. Dino’s small laugh and watery eyes were enough to understand. His hands shook uncontrollably as tears fell to the devices in hand.

Dino jumped as two hands pulled tightly on his shirt, nearly ripping him from his perch. Fury filled the eyes staring back at his, yet to his surprise, their target didn’t appear to be hear. “What do you need!”, A voice escaped Charlie’s mouth. It wasn’t the usual chastisement, or speculation. It cracked with concern, the likes of which Dino had never seen from him. ‘Didn’t you see what it said? H-how can you sit there and look at me like that after reading that?’

“A-aren’t you busy with Brandon and Theodore though?” Dino whimpers and looks away until he feels a large slap on his shoulders forcing him to sit up. Charlie stared down once more as he stood up tall and firmly proclaimed his position, he wasn’t going anywhere. “B-but I don’t know when he’s coming or how to deal with this...”

“Can you defend yourself?”

With a dumbfound look Dino looked at Charlie as though he had lost his mind, “It’s ME we’re talking about”. Dino slumped further down, dejected, ‘That’s right what can I do by myself, I’d only give him an easier target’.

With arms crossed, Charlie's face remained plastered with serious thought, dancing left and right in place as though he were searching for a clue by his feet. "What if I got you something to defend yourself?", he motioned with a fling of one arm and a pointed finger on his other hand.

With a heavy sigh, Dino struggled to look back at his friend. He could no longer stare him in the eye, how was he to help at this point. "Do you know about the serial killer in the city?", He exclaimed as the silence descended once again upon them. Charlie's stare told all Dino needed to know, who would challenge such a monster, a psychopath of a man now backed by a force with its hands in every facet of the city. The wind blew kicking up the top layer of snow onto the two. The biting chill sunk into the two, but only one of them would live past the season to escape it.

Charlie tightly gripping his arm with a very meek face, staring down to avoid his marked friend's gaze, stood briefly and turned his back, leaving Dino only able to view his slender profile. "Listen Dino." The pause was only broken for a brief moment. Dino stared ahead, waiting on him to flee. 'Come on...Just go...You get it now so j-...just let me go.' He sank back, lowering his chin to his chest, dropping his hands to the sides of the bench, as though to mimic his future corpse.

"..Do you have those robots Brandon gave you still?".

He didn't react, simply waiting for the inevitable, motionless and without hope.

Charlie sighed, "They're bombs. Don't know if Brandon mentioned it, but they're bombs. You can use th-". Charlie span around at the loud crash he heard from behind him. He stared in utter shock and horror, at the pathetic sight of his friend lying in the snow. He sat their motionless, with a pathetic shriek etched onto his face. Dino's shock had brought him out of his doldrum and to his rear in the snow.

Charlie sat in the bench for a few minutes as he carefully watched the panicked rolls and jeers of his mousy friend's pathetic display of weeks worth of fear suddenly released in one instance. When he finally stopped Charlie could only look on him with a long monotone, "Yeahhh. Probably should have told you beforehand".

The two waited as Dino crawled out the snow and tried to catch his breath. Though now Dino had a small grin and his eyes had returned back to him. They shared the brief moment of hope as Dino finally begged his friend for help.

"What do you need", His grin full of evil thoughts for their would be victim. A grin that for the first time brought a comforting feeling to Dino.

"We need to go find Elliot", Dino skips and runs ahead, with Charlie in pursuit.

Arlington and Murphy are coming Dino...Be careful.”
- signed Rosalinda Pirani [End of note]