PC name: Dino Nascoto CorneredRat.jpg

Location: Park Ave Hospital

Date and time: 01-07-21, 4:30PM


In the wake of the explosions rocking Rochester, the Brokers are a-buzz with information crisscrossing networks. Dino's connections allow him to learn that the police recovered evidence that points to a young man named Charles Burns, an anarchist who was definitely involved with the RAMI bombing and possibly the RPTS explosion as well. All that can be confirmed is that it was not a failure but sabotage. Another piece of information, though not entirely reliable, suggests that fellow aristocrat William Tennerly has been inquiring about anarchist activity.

Dino is summoned by Archibald Regiblaster, a valuable contact, to visit him in his hospital room, where he expects to be questioned.

As the young man approached the door he was met with a hostile presence from the other side of the door.

“Who is it?!”, the voice demanded as the young man jumped back from the door.

“I-It’s D-Dino, uh, Dino Nascoto, is..umm, uh...this is Mr. Regiblaster’s room correct?”, the young man tried to piece together his words without further angering a hostile voice he couldn’t even see. “He s-summoned to help him with something.”

“Let him in. He’s with me.”, another gruff voice called out from inside.

The door pulled open to the sight of a large man with an irritable, but concerned look on his face. The sight of the well dressed man glaring down at him with suspicion sent chills down the young man’s back, as he gripped his bag ready to retreat if necessary. Seeming to grow tired of his presence, the man returns to the side of the room, peaking troubled looks to Regiblaster, as he furiously tore up the newest paper.

Silence fell over the room as Regiblaster stared towards the young man, barely able to contain his irritation.
The pressure of the furnished hospital room had gripped the young man’s throat, as he stood there with eyes darting around. His gaze was caught by the various paintings Mr.Regiblaster had collected, along with get well soon cards from all his supporters and employees. Though their partnership was not new, he was always awestruck at the displays of power and prestige from the, now broken, man in front of him. It was especially clear from the man on the other side of the room, who stood attentive and ready for Regiblaster’s call. His stern look, demanded an air of respect, second to Mr.Regiblaster.

W-Why’d Arthur have to send me here today. That guy l-looks like a problem. Oh man what am I gonna do? I never have to deal with a group usually, least not without someone else with me.

Exiting his thoughts he notices the tense movements of the man, fidgeting his hands and occasionally glancing to Mr.Regiblaster, only to dart his eyes away in fear.

He seems like he’s scared of something. I wonder what he’s doing here if he’s like that.

“Mr.R-Regiblaster, w-who..um..is he again?”

“Don’t worry about it.”, Regiblaster proclaims quickly, eyes trained on the young man.

“B-but why is he here? H-He shouldn’t be here. Knowing what my job is.”, The young man tried pressing the issue in fear of his position.

“Don’t worry about it, DINO. You’re here to help me, not to worry about him.” Regiblaster demands, as he tried to pull the conversation back to his problem.

“But I don’t think -”

“QUIET! I said don't worry about it.”, Regiblaster snaps leaving the young man shaken up before tucking his head down.The shout bring’s the young man back to reality. He jerks up and turns to face Mr.Regiblaster, who is red with anger, behind the metal plating now bound to his face.

"S-SSorry Mr.Regiblaster!”, He quickly apologizes and steps back. “H-how are you feeling mr. Regiblaste- Oh crap that's a dumb question….W-what did you need sir?”.

“I need you to find who fucking attacked me!” He demanded in an angry voice, as the young man was thrown into a slight panic and tried to avoid eye contact.
W-wow, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him t-this mad before. He’s usually so confident and calm.

“I don’t uhhh think that the attack was ummm directed at you. Sir.”, Dino Stammered before Regiblaster’s gaze tightened even further down on Dino, crushing him under it’s weight.

“E-excuse me sir. Have you tried asking Mr.T-Tennerly?”, The young man asks in a mouse like voice. “He may know some...uh.. details on the b-bombing.” He turns to see the other man writing down what he’s saying, sending a shiver down his spine. “Y-you know, it seemed like it was m-more the work of anarchists t-than an umm directed attack on you.” Turning his gaze back to the man. “A-are you sure it’s okay for him to listen, I-it’s pretty hard to talk not knowing w-who he is.”

“You’re only concern is me Boy!”. Regiblaster snaps once again leaving the young man even more concerned.

“B-but what if he uses th-this against you later?”, The young man grasps at straws trying to defend himself.

“I would never do anything to harm Mr. Regiblaster! My Name is Theodore Meyer and I run the factory while Mr.Regiblaster is away!.” The sharp man attacked from his position across the room. He was red with anger and was seemingly defensive of his position.”

Oh god he’s mad...W-what should I do..I won’t be able to do anything like this...Maybe though..I can try that.

Leaving the subject alone for a while, The young man asks about the details from Mr.Regiblaster’s perspective as well as what Theodore knows of the RPTS. The conversation lead to Mr.Regiblaster making his demand for the young man to find out the truth of the matter.

“I trust you can get the job done.” Regiblaster proclaimed as he sunk back into his bed.

“Y-yeah I can handle it. But..Ummm, about the payment? You remember that you have to give for me to give. R-right?”, The young man cowered as he tried to seal the agreement.

“I can give you a beat down!”, The angered man said as he pushed himself back up to glare.

“I-I dont think that’s the best idea. S-sir”

“I THINK you should do what I tell you!”

Cowering back in fear the young man glances back to Theodore. “But what about Henrietta and the kids?”

In a fury Theodore leaps forward in the young man's direction. Confused but filled with wrath he motions towards the young man. “What the fuck did you just say?”

“Are you threatening us?” Regiblaster joined into the interrogation.

“N-no of course not, I’m just trying not to get us in trouble with Arthur. Y-you know, my boss with his finger on the city. H-he knows too many people and can really go crazy if he feels we’re being cheated or threatened.” The young man tries to reason as he frantically shakes his head and hands back and forth in defense. “B-but I have an Idea that may help all of us i-if you’ll listen?”

Mr.Regiblaster's glare at him pierces the young man, but eventually he sinks back with a sigh. “And what would that be?”

“W-well you’re steam prosthetics are the best around r-right? Well, even though you’re hurt, won’t it boost your company's image to show how well they worked for you? Y-yeah we can make it a headline in the paper. You read the informant right?...W-wait no you wouldn’t would you..Well a-anyways we can spread the news about it around, which will definitely get the anarchists and others in the city m-moving. Then I can get information on what happens a-and look for the anarchists while I’m at it.” Winded the young man catches his breath and looks towards the other two.

“Fine. Well this will help me in the end anyway so it will be fine.”, Regiblaster says regaining his composure, letting free a brief smile for the first time that day.

Thank god. Now I just have to worry about the other one.

The young man tries to slowly approach the man seething in the corner, but jumps at the furious look the man throws at him. “A-also, I’ll be adding in the f-factory related stuff. It will probably add to the story to m-mention how competent Mr.Regiblaster’s associate is. W-would that be okay with you?” He says as he shakily motions his camera up to his face.

After a few seconds of thought, occasionally glancing to Mr.Regiblaster, Theodore finally takes a deep sigh, and agrees to the young man’s request. The three go over the story and rumors to pass along for a few minutes until finally the young man exits the room. He presses his ear against the door and hears as Theodore and Mr.Regiblaster continue their conversation. After a few minutes he hears the rustle of a coat and skitters down the hall, losing his hat as he bumped into a nurse along the way.

“Excuse me sir. You dropped this.”, the nurse said as she bent down to get his hat. As she reached her hand out she shook at the sudden change in appearance of the timid man in front of her.

“Sorry about that, thank you!” He snatched his hat and continued to dart his way out the building.

As he returned to the Library, forgetting about how far he had run, he charged into a meeting corner where a well dressed man awaited his return. The man tipped his hat up as he juggled a pocket watch in his other hand. “Hey look at that. You’re smiling again Dino. Something good happen?”